Happy Anniversary

A timeline of Love…

Goodbye New York

17 MAR 2020

We escaped a pandemic.

Rosé Mansion

19 JUL 2019

As the elderly couple visiting the "mansion" we had to set the example for those young kids: fewer selfies, more drinking.

Welcome Bo!

20 MAY 2019

After an exhausting 48-hours, you were a champion bringing the most precious boy into this world. I'm so proud of us!

Howdy, Leesburg

03 NOV 2018

Two years into our own marriage, we helped the happy couple toast their nuptials in Appalachia. The DJ, though...


04 JUL 2018

Remember when we celebrated the nation's anniversary with a trip to the City of Brotherly Love? We took in a few hours of some sport game.

A Date with David

03 NOV 2017

An early morning train left rainy Rome and dropped us off in Florence. We had espresso, bought scarfs, ate gelato, strolled and met up with David. And when we get back home, I need to head straight to the gym.

Roman Holiday

01 NOV 2017

Ahead of our first anniversary we escaped off to Rome to eat pasta, see old stuff and kiss in a different time zone. Here we are stopping for some prosecco before our dinner reservation, and you looked so great!

Go to Work

10 OCT 2017

Ask anyone, they'll tell you the best coffee isn't from Cafeine or Starbucks, it's Double Dutch, iced, large. Thanks for hanging out with me in the mornings!

Upstate Antics

24 AUG 2017

It took some logistics to rent a car, book a shitty hotel and impress you with Storm King, a meal from the CIA, a super long bridge and downtown Hudson - but I think I pulled it off. Happy birthday!

Mouse Ears

24 MAR 2017

It took me a minute to figure out the vastness of Disney World, but you booked a masterful trip and I have nothing but great memories of our time at the magic kingdom. I'm ready to go back when you are…


16 MAR 2017

I was so excited to see Amélie on Broadway, but in the words of Eliza Hamilton [Phillipa Soo] herself, "You will never be satisfied." The show closed on May 21st but I'm still super glad we saw it.

Parisian Lunch

10 NOV 2016

The rain was lightly falling on a Paris afternoon as we waited for our lunch at Le Royal Opera. I love that shirt on you and you looked beautiful, so I had to capture the moment.

Dance Party

4 NOV 2016

We spent more time thinking about music than I did about my suit - and that was hours well spent. Our dance party lasted all night and keep even the usually timid on their feet.


4 NOV 2016

I was skeptical of the "Rice" packets laid on everyone's chairs, but it turned out so magically! Look at us, what a great idea you had.

First Look

4 NOV 2016

Before 'disturbing' the L Train passengers, we had our first look at Union Square. You looked so amazing but were quickly upstaged as the rest of New York did not disappoint with crazy.

YumYum Queens

7 OCT 2016

The limited bar at Yum Yum Queens was enough for us to belly up and wait for takeout. This wasn't the first time there, nor the last.

"Sick" Day

2 SEP 2016

I took a sick day and we toured the town, visiting the transit museum, having guac over cocktails, and walking over the Brooklyn Bridge before seeing a show. That was a good day!

Fun Home Paparazzi

15 JUL 2016

You knew the stars would come out after Fun Home, and were so excited to meet Michael Cerveris. I'm glad I could capture the smile on your face.

Engagement Shoot

19 JUN 2016

We devised an unconventional narrative for our engagement shoot: us in a familiar routine (food shopping & bubbly), just better dressed than usual!

Taxicab Confessions

18 JUN 2016

From the back of a taxicab, these smiles were headed to Manhattan, then Brooklyn. That day was Kate's going away party and the day we tried out dinner at Aurora.

It's Hot in Boston

28 MAY 2016

Posing for a quick photo in front of trillions of July 4th flags, Patrice snapped this picture of us at our finest - in nature.

7 Train Platform

23 JUN 2016

Remember how much time we spent on the 7 train platform? Sometimes the only way to get you to smile was to pull out a camera!

Snow Smiles

23 JAN 2016

When it drops 8 inches of show, and our small apartment starts to give us cabin fever, we bundle up and stroll around the block. This was cold, but such a good memory.

Downtown Placerville

26 DEC 2015

I made sure all the planned photos were taken, then convinced the photographer to take a picture of us in the middle of the road. Risky? Yes. We could have been run over by an old lady. Worth it? You bet.

Haight & Ashbury

22 DEC 2015

Bob and Charlayne couldn't quite understand why we wanted a picture at some random intersection, and that was captured in the 100+ photos taken, this one with mom in the background!

Blue Kiss

26 NOV 2015

When Paul & Kim are in town, we're no strangers to the blue bar, sitting in front of a dozen glasses and flirting.

8 NOV 2015

While the actual event happened the night before, we returned to Central Park the next day and snapped an "official" engagement photo to share with the world.

Mr. Ambassador

2 JULY 2015

Remember when we flew to Louisville, rented a car, drove to Loretto, bought some bottles of bourbon (that they claimed were from a special barrel) and dipped them in red wax? It may not sound like fun, but we had a great time!

Looking Sharp in NC

30 May 2015

When Jessica & Evan invite you to witness them tie the knot in North Carolina, you cannot disappoint. Dressed to the nines, we danced, drank and celebrated with the beautiful bride and groom.

Fish in the Dark

17 APR 2015

Jason Berta treated us to Fish in the Dark tickets with Larry David on my 34th birthday. The most memorable part? The bartender refusing to add ice to our $24 drinks because, "Larry doesn't like the sound of ice shaking around in the cup."

Roller Derby

11 APR 2015

Did it matter that we didn't know the rules? No! Bridget and her team deserved our undying support and we showed it.

Ballet @ Lincoln Center

14 FEB 2015

The stakes were high for our first Valentine's Day celebration, and I was able to scoop up tickets for the ballet.

Atlantic City, 4th Date

6 DEC 2014

They only had smoking rooms available at the Tropicana when we landed so late. We sang karaoke, went to an aquarium, and partied at Boogey Nights!